Saturday, November 30, 2013

Red Dot's Cousin

If there is a red dot, then there must be other dots as well, and I found one!  The white dot. 

I carefully stalked it, and pounced!

It didn't move. It must have some sort of armor.  So I pounced on it again.  And again.  It would just sit there!

The white dot must be very powerful to withstand my onslaught.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Planning away, I think I have a clue.

I discovered that if you find a contrasting color to lie down on to think, it helps. No, I'm not sleeping like dad thought, I am planning.  I think I have any idea on the way to take over the world.

I heard my dad talk about "Cloud Computing". I think that's an important thing to take advantage of. My dad says that it is going to be very important in the future, allowing people to do work without needing to buy their own computers. 

Now clouds are made up of water and ice. So the way I figure it, I can create my own cloud computer by turning on the taps when dad and mom are gone.  Then, since they are my own clouds, I can make them do what I want.  Once that happens then I should be able to take over the world. 

Zazou did point out that I don't know how to program computers. I might have to think some more on that.  Maybe a green shirt would help me solve that problem...

-- Calypso