Sunday, August 24, 2014

We're still here. Had a mild setback...

We had this plan on taking over the world.  It involved controlling the Pizza delivery.  We figured if we could do that, then the entire world would bow down to us and proclaim us the supreme rulers.

We had a plan. I overheard my dad talking to someone that he worked at the company that did the very first internet pizza delivery software. He actually programmed it!  So I figured that if I could get on to his computer, I could find that program and tweak it so that we would be the controllers of pizza.

I couldn't find the program.  I don't know why. I know that he said that was in the 90s. But we're only in the 10s, so that must be the future. I don't understand people's ideas of time really. They just seem very confused.

So I went on to the internet and found out that a lot of Pizza delivery places use something called a POS.  I'm not sure what exactly it is, but since they all seem to be connected, I just have to figure out where they connect to.  I could have the all routed to our place, and control the pizza.

Then, I was shocked I tell you. Mom and dad were in the kitchen doing something.  Normally I don't care much unless they are getting me gooshey food. But I hopped up on the table and watched what they were doing.

They Were Making Pizza!  It wasn't being delivered at all!  I figured that if they knew how to make pizza, everyone else did too. That means that the plan of controlling the pizza that gets delivered won't work!


So, I decided to practice my horizontal diving technique.  That's the photo.

I need a new plan.