Monday, February 22, 2010

They just don't listen

I tell my dad that the proper place to look for tuna is on the web, but he doesn't seem to follow what I tell him.  I try and explain that he needs to go to the San Francisco Fish Market or something to get the really high quality tuna for dinners.  But he says it just sounds like "meh meh meh."

I know I'm making sense, so he must not be listening hard enough.



  1. Calypso, maybe you should draw your dad a map to the market. Humans are not very smart, you know. I have to put a reminder on my mum's iPhone every week to buy me ham.

  2. I tried to program his GPS once. That didn't work so well. I can see it sitting on the desk, and this time it seems to be fully charged....

  3. Try sitting on the keyboard and typing in code, Spider does this and messages get through!!

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  5. Hey Z&C,
    Tuna is way over rated. The truly good stuff is C-H-I-C-K-E-N. Us Bumpass Kitties love ou CHICKEN!. Check it out (cut & paste):

    - TBH&K

  6. hello calypso and zazou its dennis the vizsla dog hay owr frend huffle mawson askd us to come say hello so heer we ar!!! hello!!! oh and by we i meen me and the mowse in my pokket do yoo want it??? ha ha ok bye