Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chased out again...

Of the basement.  Mum and Dad keep the downstairs room closed off, but sometimes I can sneak in when they go down to get something. They'll usually let me lounge around for a little while until they decide it's time for me to come to dinner.  I don't mind that, but I think they should bring dinner down to me in the basement.  That would be much better.

Hi to all of the followers from Huffle!  I'm very impressed with all of the comments!  I have't had a chance to read all of them, but I will.  I have to kick dad off the computer for a little while. 

Until then, I had fun watching this birdy out the window a few days ago (one of the sunny ones).  I think he would make a great snack, or two, or maybe three....



  1. Yes, Calypso,your parents should bring your dinner to the basement if it makes you happy; don't they understand everything is about making the kitty happy??...Have a great week!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. We have birds like that out our window too. Mum says that they would make a snack out of US!!!

  3. Oh, what a big bird! Sure is a three - snack. Tudor has seen only sparrows... :)

  4. Calypso, I'm pretty sure YOU would make a nice snack for that bird of prey! Hawk of some sort? Lovely shot.

    And of course your mum and dad should serve you breakfast in the basement--or anywhere you wish! That's what staff is for.

  5. Hi Calypso!
    This bird is very big. We has big birds here too. One is called a red-tailed hawk, and the other is a broad-winged hawk.
    Does you know what kinda hawk dis one is?

    (Why is mommy singing old John Denver songs?)

  6. Dont let that birdie get too close. He might make a snack out of you. I too love to get into the basement. I like go down there and hoover up as many dead bugs as possible before it is discovered I am AWOL. Then we play the 'run around the cars' game while dad tries to chase me....hehehehe AROOOOOOO!

    Paws and poofs,

    Ozzie and ZOzo

  7. Oooo we have two birds like that one that live in our area. We watch them hunt all the time. They are quite impressive hawks!

    purr on

  8. There are no exciting birds like that near my house. But it looks bigger than me so maybe that's a good thing :)

    I hope it's okay that some of my friends came over to say hi.