Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Previous kitties mentioned

In another blog comment I had mentioned a previous kittie my mom and dad had, named Diablo.  This is what he looked like.

According to dad, he lived to be 18 years old, and they had to give him "sub-cutaneous saline injections" for kidney failure the last three years. 

Like me, he was gotten from the pound as an adult cat, he was three at the time. 

I never met him, apparently he left us a little over a year before Zazou and I were adopted.



  1. It is nice to meet Diablo - he is a cute guy! It is too bad he had to go to the bridge but wow, at 18 he must have had a very long, very good (at least after your mom and dad took him in) life!

  2. He sure was a cute guy, a shame you never got to meet him though.

  3. Diablo was a very hansome mancat! Was very nice of your mommy and daddy to gives him shots like my mommy does for me.

  4. Diablo was a very handsome boy and we know your parents miss him so much...Our Mommy gave Nikki (her first Siamese who came before us too) sub q fluids for 1 year 11 months and she gave her Mom's Siamese cat, Asia, fluids for 5 years 5 months=it is a wonderful way to help these babies live good lives and give them a few extra years with us!...Thanks for sharing beautiful Diablo with us...kisses sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Diablo was a very handsome cat. We're sorry we never got to mett him.