Friday, January 13, 2012

Unlucky? Me?

My mom told me that black cats are supposed to be unlucky if they cross your path, especially on Friday the 13th!  How could I be unlucky?  Okay, I have to share my squishy food with Calypso, but that okay really. And sometimes she hogs the play toys. Maybe I am unlucky?

- Zazou


  1. We think you're very LUCKY to have a wonderful forever home. And black cats are GOOD luck in many parts of the world! :-)

  2. No WAY! We think black cats are sleek and wonderful, and very lucky!

  3. Mama says she loves black cats and she knows they are not unlucky at all! And Mama's Nona was born on Friday the 13th so we know that is not an unlucky day either! Mama says her NEXT kitty will probably be a black kitty... but since she won't get another kitty until Sammy-Joe is at the Rainbow Bridge, she actually hopes this won't happen soon.