Sunday, June 23, 2013

what a bother

My dad got a new lens for his flashy box, and he's been practicing on me!  He tells me that it's not as easy to use because he has to manually focus it, it doesn't do auto-focusy stuff...

That and the focus is very narrow or something.

Personally, I wish he would practice on Calypso...

-- Zazou


  1. If you are uncooperative enough, maybe he will go practice on Calypso. That tactic has worked for me!

  2. Wow if he hasn't practiced that photo is beautiful.. I bet we will see some rather lovely one's of you both.. Hugs GJ x

  3. A bother for you, but a delight for the humans who get to see the wonderful photos!

  4. zazou.....a grate photo...if this iz yur dadz "practiss" werk.....heez gonna bee fame mouse with his "reel werk " !!