Sunday, December 28, 2014

O.m.g. We've moved!

Zazou:  Mom and Dad have been busy moving stuff around, but that's sort of normal this time of the year with the holidays and such.  But then they started staying away at nights!  I would swear that they had been eaten at the watering hole, after they had packed things in boxes but they always came back the next day. But it was scary!

Calypso: This actually only happened once you know...

Zazou:  yeah, like you can count!  It was a lot!  But then they got out the boxes!

Calypso: that was bad. That usually means they are taking us to the vet. They usually carry us there while they walk, but they stuffed us into a car. One I certainly didn't remember. And there were boxes in there.

Zazou: Then they drove forever, probably months I would guess.  I think we drove around the world. But finally, after telling them to stop, they did.

Calypso: You didn't say much, you mostly stayed in the back of the box.  I certainly let them know I was not happy. I don't know why they didn't stop immediately.  And it wasn't months. At most a day.

Zazou: I'm telling this story!  Anyway, they let us out in this house, it was huge.  Prolly twice what our last place.  And lots of places to hide.  I hid behind the washing machine. Which felt oddly familiar like I had dreamed it before. But that didn't make any sense.

Calypso:  It was weird. It felt familiar like we had been there before. But I don't remember anything. 

Zazou: And then I found a really fun hiding place. It was between the underside of the stairs and the roof of a closet. I barely fit but no one could find me.  Well, at least until mom found me with her flashlight. I finally came down, but it's a great place. 

Calypso: after a while we were tired so we slept on the bed. It has a nice view. 

Editors note: we moved back home to our old house after living in San Francisco for 7 years.


  1. It sounds like your new/ old house is awesome! So much more space and places to hang out!

  2. guys...yur new houz soundz awesum, N we loved yur storee....we did a lot oh a good way ♥ !!!
    happee new yeer two all, heerz two a happee , healthee N blessed 2015 ♥♥

  3. Well, that's pretty exciting news!

  4. "Zazou: Then they drove forever, probably months I would guess. I think we drove around the world." LOL! Congrats on your new/old house! Happy New Year!