Saturday, January 14, 2017

It's an art

Sleeping that is, you need to be fully committed to the task at paw or
You'll never get it right.


  1. Hi guys, it's Kim from the former Fuzzy Tales blog. Please remove the Fuzzy Tales listing from your blog roll -- as you can see, it's not our site, which has been off-line for over a year, the feed has been spammed or hacked. (Our blog has not been hacked, I've checked).


  2. P.S. Here's the Google help forum's response to my issue of everyone being spammed, ostensibly from the old Fuzzy Tales blog:

    I do not believe it is your old blog that is hacked. This short link will open another blogger site

    If you look at the blog roll on that page there is a "Fuzzy Tales" listing with a URL from the canon download site. Those blog rolls are usually constructed from a feed of some sort so maybe a feed that you had run that has been hacked?

    That short link he listed is this blog's, unfortunately.


  3. If it's worth doing, it's worth going RIGHT! However, how you cats can sleep in such weird positions...?!?

  4. Yes, it is definitely an art, one we kitties constantly work on improving.