Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Scritching Shoulders

I don't know about anyone else, but when I get scratches, I like to climb up on the shoulder to get them.  It's just so much better there.  I can purr loudly, and know that I am close to my mom or dad.

Sometimes they don't let me, they claim it's because they're not wearing heavy enough clothes.  Isn't their skin thick enough to handle me?

But then my mom took out the flashy box and annoyed me a little...

My mom has been staying home for the last couple of days which is nice.  Though she's not sitting at her desk anymore.  She told me her doctor said something about a bulge in a disk in her back and she wasn't allowed to sit when she works, she has to stand.  But if she does that, she doesn't have a lap...



  1. We don't sit on shoulders, but it sounds like a good spot to be!

    Lots of purrs and healing Light to your mom, we hope her back is better soon.

  2. My little brother, Finn, likes to do that. He hugs Mom with one arm and puts the other on her shoulder while she pets him. In fact, he's doing it right now!

    Hope your mom's disc feels better soon so she can get her lap back.

  3. No lap? But how can you snuggle while she works?

    We hope your mom is okay. That sounds painful.

  4. Oh we don't sit on shoulders - our mom wishes we would but we always wiggle away. We think it is cute that you do though - maybe we won't wiggle away so fast if the scritches are good that way!

    We hope your mom will be feeling better soon - that has to stink for her to have to stand all the time to work! We are sending her lots of get well purrs and prayers!