Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Keeping warm

Since my mom has been working at home, she's around to take care of me.  It gets cold in the house, so she lets me sleep in the clothes closet. That's where my dad keeps his sweaters and sweatshirts, which are nice and warm.

I'm not worried about the cat hair not matching his sweaters, since it has black, white, and orange in it.

-- Calypso


  1. On your dad's sweaters is a wonderful spot to nap! Your dad should be thankful for your furs on his clothes--extra warmth. :-P

  2. That is great that you get to sleep in the closet in the warm sweaters! We think that it is too bad you match so well, because we love to leave furs on our moms clothes - we think that she is not fully dressed without at least one cat fur - we bet your dad would appreciate it too if he could see them.