Thursday, April 3, 2014

practice makes purrfect

Water has been falling from the sky a lot, so I have not been able to do anything about taking over the worlds.  But I know that a major requirement is the ability to take over space.  So I am practicing by taking over mom and dads pillows.  You can see I have almost covered both of them before it became tiring and I had to nap.


  1. You're doing a great job of taking over the bed -- it's a good step toward taking over the world!

  2. next week, we see actshun plan T.O.T.W. bein putted into place....we think twoozday iz a grate day... coz itz kinda like earl lee in de week but knot two late... !!!!!

  3. Pillows are designed with special stuff, that makes anything nearby so sleepy that they need to use the pillows! Looks like your mom and dad's pillows worked their magic on you, sweet kitty! Adorable!